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Just chilling out today and playing some games i’ve found over at Ur Cool Games. Once og my favs at the moment is the Battalion series. In this game the special actions that all units can use can all be triggered by browsing through the special actions menu. The scenario that is available in the training ground will teach you about two important actions: repairing, which is a crucial part of staying alive, and the leviathan pickup.

Another important feature that you can always use to your advantage is the Stealth technology. You can always rely on the element of surprise to bring you that extra inch closer to victory. Then you will learn how to build War Machines that are an essential part of creating whole armies. Once you know how to create and manage those, you will have to use them to perform an Extraction while defeating your opponent in battle.

The last challenge of the training ground is the Face off, where the game will create an enemy of your stature which you must then defeat. If you manage to do that, then the game is your oyster and all you have to do from then on is simply win and try to rank as high as possible, depending on how well you score. If you’re into war zone td or maybe even battlefield heroes, this might be a game for you.

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