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Carnival of Homeschooling: House Fever Edition

It seems this winter is dragging out as long as it can! I know its still February, but its almost March and that means its time for winter to hit the road! :) Being the lover of hot weather and sunshine that I am, I have house fever! Which is cabin fever except I don’t live in a cabin. :P But there are definitely plenty of things to keep me busy waiting for this winter to finish out!


Things like learning about different festivals and holidays…


NerdMom of the Nerd Family is learning about Purim.


Amy whose Hope Is the Word shares about what they did in their home/homeschool to celebrate and learn about the Chinese New Year.


Denise of Let’s Play Math! is participating in World Maths Day. Act quickly if you want your student to participate in the (free!) World Maths Day.


Or learning how to be better at finances…


Kristie who lives on This Side of Eternity shares about Frugal Homeschooling and how to give your children the best education with the Lord’s direction and avoid the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others. How to avoid falling into the curriculum trap. It is possible to give your children a great education without spending a fortune.


Audrey of Homeschooling Income is Putting my children to work and shares about how her children can also start to earn pocket money by working online with help from a parent.


Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home Teaches Home Economics through Apprenticeship.


We can be grateful for homeschooling…


DeputyHeadmistress who resides in The Common Room shares what a homeschooling week looked like with a kindergartner recently removed from public school in The Further School Tales of Blynken.


Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog gives us A Dim View of Public Schools.


Linda Dobson who is a PARENT AT THE HELM shares A Brief History of American Homeschooling.


At Why Homeschool, Henry points to some great posts Janine wrote four years ago: Homeschooling highlights from November 2005


We can take some time to look at why we do or don’t do things…


Monica at Educating Magpies wonders why some home schooling moms do not use support groups in their home schooling journey… its just The kind of mom who baffles me.


Tiffany who lives Life on the Road asks Is Co-Schooling an Option?.


Dana who lives at Roscommon Acres is wondering if its a Reading Breakthrough, or Victory of the Bribe…


Rayann presentsRayann @ The Nuthouse rants against asking for permission to make curriculum changes.


Mrs. C of Homeschool and Etc. shares about The Bad Homeschooler You Know. Does everyone know at least one “bad” homeschooling family? What are our responsibilities to the families with children in these situations?


We can take some time to help others…


Jane Doe of Count By Homeschoolers just kicked off a fun survey blog for homeschool graduates, and would love to join your party: Press Release: Coca-Cola Versus Pepsi.


Vikki Lawrence over at Vikki’s Verandah is doing some Book Research: Calling All Teens.Writing an adventure series for teens, starring a homeschooled 15 year old girl. Need help with researching! Go to:


Denise who is Blogging 2 Learn helps by talking about Spam Comments. Spammers are tricky, and inexperienced bloggers can be easy to fool.


Robin who is seeking a Heart of Wisdom gives us Lapbook and Scrapbook Folder Differences


We can fellowship with other homeschool moms…


Barbara Frank Online knows that after many years of homeschooling can leave a mom with a much shorter attention span than she once had and then you have to get back to the point of Productivity.


ChristineMM who is The Thinking Mother story about teaching her seventh grade son about writing composition, cause Writing is Talking on Paper.


Jacque who is Walking Therein shares about Teaching the Littles the Scriptures.


Penny Raine shares some recent ponderings about parenthood.


And then we can just have some fun!


Rachel Lynette who has Minds in Bloom shares 3 More Games to Play While Waiting.


Michelle Dennis Evans has a great, easy French Toast recipe for young children.


Lara DeHaven, the Texas Homesteader shows some beautiful 4-H Photography Contest photos she got when the sun decided to come out for a bit!


Pamela of Blah, Blah, Blog reminds us to remember the Little things.


Michelle of Delightful Learning has some really neat Delight Directed “Science” Play and projects to do!


The HSBA Post has some Fun with Geography: Learning the Highest Peak on Each Continent




Tiana Krenz of God Made, Home Grown shares The Most Important Thing, and that is truly the MOST IMPORTANT THING!


Hopefully doing these things will help keep my house fever low and will make the time go by just a little faster!

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